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Kerrigan Learning on the Fly

Great piece from the always excellent Barry Svrluga about Ryan Kerrigan's ability to learn quickly.

My favorite part is when defensive coordinator Jim Haslett met with him after the draft. Writes Svrluga:

Haslett got him for 30 minutes, long enough to sling pieces of the Redskins’ defense at him. He taught him a few basic concepts and the terminology. Then he quizzed him.

“What’s hot?” Haslett said. “Rip, rip, rip!”

“I rush,” Kerrigan responded.

“Liz!” Haslett said.

“I’m dropping, but I don’t know what ‘quarters’ means,” Kerrigan said. He couldn’t know it all. Instantly, though, he mentally fit himself in as a linebacker in a 3-4. For 30 minutes, he mentally became a Redskin.

“In a half-hour, he knew all this stuff I’m talking about,” Haslett said. “In a half-hour.I could do that with another player, with a veteran, and they still wouldn’t know. It’s so much to know.”

Definitely worth reading the whole thing.