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Mike Shanahan on John Beck

John Beck will be the Skins QB unless he falls flat on his face.

Okay, I'm not trying to set blog-posting records, but Don Banks' "Inside the NFL" blog at Sports Illustrated has some quotes from Mike Shanahan that are too good to not pass along.

According to Banks, John Beck will win the starting QB job "if it's even remotely close." He says Rex Grossman won't win the starting job unless Beck "falls flat on his face" this preseason.

Says Shanahan:

"I'm not even worried about the quarterback position. I think it's funny (meaning the doubts), because I know the guy can play. I don't even question that. I know [Beck] can play. John will be fine. He'll play and he'll be a good player, because he's an athlete, because he can anticipate throws, and he's extremely bright. I watched him for a year, and I had him as my top (collegiate quarterback) coming out (in 2007). He can do it all. The guy just has never really had a chance in pro football. He hasn't played."

Writes Banks: "That's kind of the point, but Shanahan is determined to provide Beck that opportunity. You get the sense Shanahan sees Beck as a difference maker, while Grossman is viewed as a very serviceable quarterback you can win with, providing he has a quality supporting cast. If anything, the Shanahans are so confident in Beck that they're trying not to build him up too much, so his play can do all the talking."

We'll get a sense for what Beck can do Friday night.