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Former Redskin Haynesworth Cut By Patriots

Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael A. Lantron at WikiMedia Commons.

Color me shocked the sequel -- two days after Albert Haynesworth got into a shouting match on the sideline with his defensive line coach, the New England Patriots fired him.

The Patriots have finally done what I suggested back in September: to get better performance from their defensive tackles, they've rid themselves of Haynesworth.

Truth is, Haynesworth's exit from New England was entirely predictable. It's still sad considering the wealth of physical talent he possesses. Unfortunately, he decided somewhere along the way that he doesn't want to play football. And the NFL isn't a short-cut league. To be the best -- to even be in the league -- it takes hard work. Haynesworth lost interest in that when he got the big contract in Washington.

The only thing that will surprise me is if he resurfaces with another team. After problems in Washington and New England, I think other teams will take the hint: Haynesworth is not worth the trouble.